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Lock picks

If you are the kind of person that visits this blog, you are probably the kind of person who should be into lock picking. 20 piece lock pick set is amazing. Going to drop him a link here. Thief tools

     A while back I published a post about an e-Book my friend had written. Well apparently it had went very well. So well in fact he re-wrote the book and started his own online store for various thief/stealing tools.

     So as I'm sure all of you are interested in the topic, I shamelessly plug;

Dirt 3 CD keys ... again


You may have heard that over 3 million Dirt 3 CD keys for steam were leaked quite a bit ago (link to story). Well everyone who used one got Dirt 3 and had it taken away a few days later. I have a gift for you but first! a disclaimer.

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