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Business cards are most often expensive, and a lot of work goes into deciding what material card you can afford, if you want matte or glossy, do you want color or black and white? At the end of the day you spend a lot of time and effort and most importantly money trying to figure out what will work, what will actually grab the attention of the target. well with a little bit of brain "hacking", almost.. social engineering if you will... We can make business cards at home on plain paper that is garunteed to get a lot of attention, and all you have to do.. is drop them on the ground.

So what is it?

Money! plain and simple. Our capitalist minds are hell bent on obtaining a dollar in any way possible and it is drilled into our heads to stand out. Much like the color red stands out to us because in the wild red normally means danger (blood, poisonous animals, so on) the dollar also stands out in our minds just as well. So what is our plan?
Business card on one side, money on the other. Fold it up, drop it. It is all too simple my friends.

How do I do it?

In this tutorial I will show you how to make your own if you are on a shoe string budget, if you have any issues or want a higher quality product at a rate of $15 of 100 cards, scroll all the way down to the downloads.
 example of the cards I bought

Well I first got the idea watching this video from Backyard Effects. They make videos on how to make good looking indie movie props on the cheap. So to make this a lot easier please watch their video on making movie prop money and then continue reading on.

Ok so that is the basics, however they prop money files they give you.. are cheesy/fake, low resolution and not editable PSD files. I have created for you properly sized, realistic PSD files as well as PNGs for all of you.

This is a much nicer high res image ;) 400dpi. So this is what one side of your card will look like

And in my example this is the other side.

Notice that the edges of the dollar on the back are from the front, this is so what the dollar is folded, you do not see the card until you actually unfold it. So the target is non the wiser before picking it up.

I do recommend the paper dyeing technique they used simply to harden the paper. However I did include color in the PSDs for the lazy people. If you do end up dyeing your money, be sure to remove the color from the PSD first (Ctrl + Shift + U).

For effect

I recommend actually wrinkling these a little, and storing them in your wallet for some time. You do not want to force them to look old because you won't get the natural wear and tear. It is much better to let it happen on its own.

That's it!
You got it now, fold them up and drop them in the streets and watch the calls or views come flying in. the best part about this is, it's viral. People who find your card will show other people just because of how creative it is.


Here are the various PSDs along with PNGs for those of you without photoshop. I'm going to try something new with the download here so if you would like to help me out and have a twitter account please download from here.
paywithatweet is completely safe, it is an app that will give you the download link after you post a tweet about this. It really helps me out and again, 100% safe.

If you really cant stand to pay with a tweet or facebook link download here

I want to buy high quality cards.

Well if you are lazy like me, and don't want to make these cards (or have printer issues like I did where the front and back wont line up perfectly), there is a CHEAP and high quality solution. 
offers incredibly realistic cards at a very cheap price. Though you can not customize as well, I feel it is worth it
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Anonymous said...

amazing tutorial will use in the future:D

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