Counterfeit manufacturer coupons

This subject is HIGHLY illegal and not recommended at all. You can and are likely to face a massive fine if caught. IF you are caught.

Video removed for security Download here:
Pass: /b/

I can not paste any coupons here but /b/ will be happy to deliver. Visit 4chan and I am sure you will find a thread full of fake coupons. However I find that coupons are not enough, I recommend a little photoshop.

Here is an example:
I believe handing this to a cashier would raise a lot of suspicion. However... let's use this example now
Now, the original is a full sheet of paper, printed on Cardstock (thick paper) and perforated along the dotted line with an X-acto knife. A much more believable story and more authoritative coupon.

This is not just a coupon, it is an alibi. No one just gets free DS coupons, but if you have something to explain how it was achieved and it is printed on something rather than ordinary old printer paper, it starts to look more official. A real criminal would put some effort into it.


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I receive a lot of coupons that I can use in my shopping.

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